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On we have several options available to help promote your Mixtape, product or service.

Banner Ads

Placement and Size:

1 Background Banner: 1350 px x 815 px background ad
1 Banner: 260 px × 260 px available at the top right of the home page
8 Banners: 125 px x 125 px available on the right side of every page except the home page.


– single

– mixtape & single

– mixtape, single, & video

– sponsored mixtape, no log in needed or registering to download, single, & video

* artist/label know what cities are downloading your material:

Featured Mixtape:

Week or Month

*includes: twitter promotions,facebook promotions,email blast


VIDEO Placement:

email blast, social media promo, blogs/website placement

Actual Background of the website:


Front Page Ad:

week or month

Mixtape page ads (4 small ads when people click on a mixtape)

weel or month

We work with several Radio stations, DJs & DJ crews through out the Midwest & South, websites, Bloggers, Magazines, Street Teams in multiple cities….contact for our Media Kit

any questions: