Sho Shot Game Vol 8

Various Artists

1. Lil Wayne feat Pharrell- Yes
2. Young Jeezy feat Slick Pulla- Do It 4 Town
3. Unladylike feat Murphy Lee- Stutta Step
4. Jozeemo feat A.Y. Lee-Me
5. Yung La- How I Growed Up
6. Shye- Tonight
7. Slim feat Sean Garrett- Anytime
8. Illaj- Call Me
9. Gucci Mane feat Trae- 2 Seater
10. Ma Abena- Dreaming Remix
11. Ryan Leslie- Tonight
12. Nikki Minaj- Your Love
13. T Pain feat Lil Wayne- You Know What It Is
14. Royce the 5’9 feat K Young- I got a Thing for your Girlfriend
15. Dave Pracyse feat Kajun- How I Feel
16. Drake- My New Shit
17. Mulatto Patriot feat Pugz Atoms, F.A.B.L.E. and Neak- Luvin It Remix
18. Sylent Bossking- My City
19. Strange Fruit Project- Home
20. Big Remo- Ladies(Go Ladies)

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