Midwest Gangsta Vol 1

Dj Sean Mac, Speedknot Mobstaz, Twista

Sean Mac is one the MIDWEST most influential DJs, and he broke us off this oldie but goodie mixtape full of Chicago’s favorite native TWISTA!!!!!! Dope from beginning to end

1.twista – intro
2.twista – out my body (feat speedknot mobstaz)
3.twista – thug fuck
4.twista liffy stokes and sean mac – interlude
5.twista – stick up the world
6.twista – money murda (feat speedknot mobstaz)
7.twista – i want in (feat speedknot mobstaz)
8.liffy stokes and twista – interlude
9.speedknot mobstaz – dump
10.speedknot mobstaz – nation business
11.twista – hello
12.twista – how we do
13.twista – streets
14.twista – spit yo game
15.twista – gettin some
16.twista – diamonds on my neck
17.twista – chuurch bus on da move
18.twista – outro

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