Twelve “Like Magic”

Skypp, Twelve, Zay Foggs

The planets align around his birth so he says, and being a Libra is significant (born on October 20th),”My thing is balance, fifty-fifty, you know what I mean, everything goes across the board, I want to make sure everybody’s happy”.
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana some twenty plus years ago, Twelve (or 12), was named Bryan Smith. This eastside raised fella says his lyrics, his music, his expressions and his feelings are his gift to the world of entertainment.
He came from a typical urban African-American family on Indianapolis’ eastside for the most part. He says his childhood was beautiful, albeit it was disturbed at one point by the split of his parents. He especially close to his older brother Robert ( called Brandon ), who acts as his confidant and advisor. He also has six other siblings. He graduated from Arsenal Technical High School and knew at an early age he wanted to be an M.C.

The defining moment was seeing a music video of LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” on MTV when he was visiting family in Ohio. The entire family was summoned from upstairs to a downstairs TV at his Uncle John’s home. He says,” Right then and there I wanted that same kind of reaction for me”. Other rappers that he is fond of include: Run-DMC, 2Pac, Biggie, Ludacris, Scarface, T.I., UGK , Eightball & MJG and Eminem. When asked about other forms of music he likes in addition to hip-hop, he states,” My brother got me tuning into jazz a lot, I love R&B and believe it or not I even like some country- Leann Rimes (he laughs),he continues,” Every form of music expresses something, I take bits and pieces out of all of it”.



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