Eminem & Royce Da 5’9



IGWE is a music group based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their music consists of many different genres including: Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Alternative, R&B, and Techno. The group consists of BarCode, CJ Da Great, and Smooth O. They formed IGWE in college, while attending the University of Cincinnati. Igwe is a Nigerian name that originated from their native culture, and it means King, Boss, or a person of higher status. BarCode, CJ Da Great, and Smooth O named their group IGWE, because of the mentality it withholds. IGWE has a Royal State of Mind mentality. A mentality that encourages people to strive for success, by not allowing anyone to tell them what they can and cannot do.
IGWE has an impressive resume. They have shared the stage with many talented acts including Wale on his Ambition Tour, Fonzworth Bentley at Fountain Squares Summer Slam Series, and IGWE is set to perform at Royce Da 5’9’s Bad Meets Evil Tour in Louisville, KY and Charleston, WV. IGWE has taken on the role as ambassadors of The University of Cincinnati, putting their school on the map with the song iREC. IGWE is now nominated for the NIRSA award after creating the iREC song and video. Besides rocking out on stages, and putting on for their college, IGWE has appeared on newspapers, blogs, websites, billboards and radio stations.
IGWE is making a lot of noise with their current single It’s a Party. It’s a Party is the first single IGWE released off of their mixtape called The BIG 3. IGWE dedicated this fun and carefree song to all the party people out there! It’s a party is currently getting spins on radio stations, and the music video already has over 20,000 youtube views! What makes IGWE different from other music groups is their look, style, and wide range of versatility. IGWE’s music is not limited, and reaches out to all kinds of fan bases across the nation. IGWE’s not just a music group, it’s a movement. You don’t have to be a musician to be apart of the IGWE Nation! You just need to have a Royal State of Mind in all that you do.

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