Brick City Ent – It’s On Da Flo

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9



Brick City Entertainment: is a label that was founded by 2 friends from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2010. Payton Campbell aka Paydro and Mel Crossty aka Black Diamond each having a gift for lyrical abilities and writing capabilities as well as the abilities to recognize real talent decided to pick up the mics and start exploiting some of this talent.

Their first single “It’s On The Flo” took off so fast that the guys weren’t sure what they had. “It was kinda scary to see the crowds everywhere we went reciting the lyrics right along with us”, says Black Diamond, who you may know from the boxing arena. “I liked Black Diamond as a boxer but he surprised me when he started spittin’ “, says his partner Paydro.

Coming from the Brick City of Winton Terrace(a sub division of Cincinnati Ohio) where all the families are close not only in parameters but also in the heart, “Out here we work together, our kids play together and its just like any other projects we have battles, lyrically and sometimes Physically”, but in the end we are a village of one”.

As of now the label consists of 8 actual artists with a movement of 300 members. The 8 Artist that are on the label are Paydro (ceo), Black Diamond (co-ceo), Dalla Sign, Tic Murda, Pistol Poe, Louie V, Mad Millie, and the first Female artist Yanna.

For Booking:
PH: 513-608-0094 or 513-227-9897

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